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Calico Critters Doctor Murdock

Calico Critters Dr. Murdock Bear ( CC1955)

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Biography from TOMY Catalogue:
Doctor Murdoch is his name. When he was at school all the children used to call him "Doc" for short and it was no surprise that when he grew up he actually became the Sylvanian Doctor! He is very kind to everyone and always shows extra special patience to his patients!

The Calico Critters Version of his biography, is as follows:
Jason Billabong and Amanda Dandelion are going to see Dr. Murdock today.  They are very excited, because visiting the doctor's office is fun!  Dr. Murdock always makes his patients laugh.  That's why he's the most popular baby doctor in Cloverleaf Corners!

"My favourite patients are here!" Dr. Murdock said, when he saw Jason and Amanda in the waiting room.  Jason was busy looking at a book and Amanda was drinking from her bottle.

Dr. Murdock picked up the little critters and carried them into the exam room.

"Let's see how much you weigh."  He placed Jason on the scale first.

"Oh my," Dr. Murdock said when he weighed Jason. "You're a big boy!"

When he weighed Amanda, he smiled at the pretty girl.

"You weigh just the right amount," he said.

As Dr. Murdock measured the critters' length, he began to tell them a story.  Jason and Amanda listened carefully.  They didn't want to miss a word.

"Do you know the story about Humpty Dumpty?" Dr. Murdock asked.  Jason and Amanda nodded their heads.

"Well," said Dr. Murdock.

"The story doesn't end how you think it might.  Humpty Dumpty did sit on the wall.  And he did take a great fall.  But do you know what the king's horses and men did about it?"

Jason and Amanda shook their heads.

"They had a huge scrambled egg breakfast!" Dr. Murdock exclaimed.  His eyes twinkled when the critters burst into giggles.

"All done," Dr. Murdock said, returning Jason and Amanda to their mothers.  The critters waved goodbye to their favourite doctor and snuggled happily in their mothers' arms.

"See you in six months!"