The Nettlefield Family

Sylvanian Families Nettlefield Goat Family

Sylvanian Families Nettlefield Goats (4196)

Purchased: 21 September 2012 (Secondhand - Hayley)


Ramsey Nettlefield never, ever rushes. He likes to think long and hard before starting anything. His wife says that his favourite word is "Butt". "But it's too early", "But it's too late"; any excuse will do.

Caprina Nettlefield is always very busy doing the jobs that her husband, Ramsey, has not done. When she is not grumbling at him, she has to make sure that her children, William and Nanette, are not eating her out of house and home!

Baby William and Nanette Nettlefield, known as Billy and Nanny, will eat almost anything, although their favourites are Brussels sprouts and spinach. They even ate the flowers that their father, Ramsey, bought as a surprise for their mother, Caprina.