The Nightingale & Bunny Family

Sylvanian Families Nightingale Nurse and Paramedic Family

Sylvanian Families Nurse Emily Nightingale with hospital bed set

Sylvanian Families Nightingale Rabbits (4751 - Nurse & bed; CC2142 - Nurse & wheelchair; 4412 - Paramedic & Patient set)

Purchased: Nurse Emily - 9 March 2012 (TAKEALOT); Nurse Marjorie - 28 May 2012 (TAKEALOT); Thomas Nightingale: 28 August 2012 (TAKEALOT)



Emily Nightingale is a wonderful nurse and she is very proud of her hospital. She provides all her patients with tender loving care to make sure that they are back on their feet in no time. Whilst in the hospital patients love to display their flowers and get well soon cards.

Thomas Nightingale is married to Nurse Emily Nightingale, so it came as no surprise to anyone when he became the Sylvanian paramedic! His favourite patient is the accident prone little Owen Bearbury.

Nurse Marjorie loves taking care of all the children in Cloverleaf Corners! Today she is helping Morgan, who seems to have hurt her leg. Nurse Marjorie is putting a cast on Morgan's leg so that it can heal and she can feel better in no time! Includes: Marjorie Bunny in nurse uniform and cap, Morgan Mouse in dress, wheel chair, stethoscope, leg cast, plastic needle, 2 packets of medication, blanket and a pair of shoes.