The Norwood Family

Sylvanian Families Norwood Mouse Family

Sylvanian Families Norwood Fieldmice (CC2142 - Nurse & wheelchair)

Purchased: Katie Norwood - 28 May 2012 (TAKEALOT); Mother and Baby - 6 November 2012 (Ebay)


Father Norwood coming soon...

Brie Norwood can be found sitting at her desk in the back office of the shop, keeping the business records. Without her, the shop would grind to a halt, because she makes sure that there's always enough stock to put on the shelves.

Sister Katy Norwood- Morning is not eh best time of day for Katy because she doesn't like getting out of her wartm bed and going to school. On Saturday she works at her parent's shop to earn pocket money. . . but only, of course, in the afternoon!

Norman Norwood is a little boy who loves paper. He loves drawing and painting on paper. He especially loves to wet paper so he can mold it into shapes and calls it "paper mashed." It's very fortunate his parents have so much spare paper in their shop for messy Norman to play with.