The Norwod Mouse Family


Sylvanian Families Norwood Mouse Family TOMY

Sylvanian Families TOMY Norwood Mouse Family (?)

Released: Circa 1997


  • Father: Wensleydale-Hector Norwood
  • Mother: Brie Norwood
  • Brother: Endeavour Norwood
  • Sister: Katy Norwood
  • Baby Broter: Norman Norwood
  • Baby Sister: Millie Norwood

Wensleydale-Hector Norwood known as "WH" to his friends. Mr Norwood is the jolly chap who owns the newspaper, book and stationary shop called "WH Norwood & Sons". Although WH is the owner, he prefers to work in the shop itself, tidying and stocking the shelves while partaking in his favourite hobby... which is gossiping with al his regular customers!

Brie Norwood also works at the shop. She can always be found sitting at her desk in the back office keeping the business records. In her spare time she is studying very hard to become a fully-fledged Chartered Accountant and - strange as it may seem - can't wait to sit the difficult exams!

Endeavour Norwood is the paperboy for his father and mother's shop and is blessed with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Every day before school he gets up hours before the birds have uttered their first sleepy "tweet" to name and address all the papers for delivery. Then he has a mega-huge breakfast before speeding off on his 20 speed bicycle (with go-faster spokes) to do his rounds.

Katy Norwood unlike her early rising brother, morning is not the best time of day for Katy. In fact, the week is not particularly popular with her, because she doesn't like getting out of bed and going to school. On Saturday she works at the shop in the afternoon of course!

Norman Norwood this little boy loves paper. He loves drawing on paper, painting on paper and most of all, he loves wet, squishy paper that he can mould into different shapes. It's called "Paper Mache" but Norman's efforst look more like "Paper Mashed"! All in all, it's very fortunate that his parents have so much spare paper in their shop for messy Norman to play with.

Millie Norwood is very good at crying. She's also excellent at screaming and stomping her feet until she goes quite red in the face. What Millie is not very good at is sleeping. That's why all the other children call her "Shoosh", because that is what their parents tell them to do every time they go near her... in case they wake Millie up from one of her rare snoozes.




*The Norwood family was first released in Japan around 1996 - although the Japanese version was much lighter than the UK release. Various family members have since been added in different sets in the UK line. I took these biographies from the Sylvanian Families Collectors Catalogue.