Nursery Sandpit/Pool


Sylvanian Families Nursery Sandpit and Paddle Pool
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Sylvanian Families Nursery Sandpit/Pool (2636)

Released: 2010


  • Figures included: None

The perfect addition to your nursery school will be this pretty bathroom set with toilets and a large double sink. Toilet and sink units can either be placed side-by-side, or arranged back-to-back to create a circular bathroom.

Items included: Sandpit basw with slide; reversable sandpit/paddling pool; curved bench; yellow pail; pink sand scoop; blue watering can; pink and white ball; sandcastle, 5 small heaps of sand.


Sylvanian Families Nursery Sandpit with babies playing

Sylvanian Families Nursery Paddling Pool with babies swimming



*The nursery sandpit and paddling pool is my favourite set in the nursery series. You flip the slide over to make room to flip the sandpit/pool over and reveal the other side - the downside being that you can only have one side visible at a time! There are also five sand heaps that fit neatly into the included sand scoop and can be added to the sand castle for added height. On the other side is a little life ring with a recess to place a baby in, so that they can have a swim.