The Osborne Bear Family


Sylvanian Families Osborne Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Osborne Bears (3150 - Family; 2228 - Baby Bath Time; 3243 - Twins; 3424 - Baby)

Purchased: Family, Twins, Baby, Baby Bath Time - 25 December 2014 (Gift Mic)


  • Father: Arthur Osborne
  • Mother: Carol Osborne
  • Brother: Aidan Osborne
  • Sister: Ava Osborne (peach ribbon -left)
  • Standing Baby Broter: Jason Osborne (Orange romper)
  • Sitting Baby Brother: Bradley Osborne
  • Crawling Baby Sister: Casey Osborne
  • Sister: No official Name (Baby Bath Time) (pink ribbon - right)
  • Standing Baby Sister: Melody Osborne (Baby Bath Time) (Red romper)
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Melody Osborne (Carry Case) (Not Owned)
  • Sister: Andrea Osborne (Canal Rowing Boat) (Not Owned)
  • Uncle: Finley Osborne (Fish & Chips Van) (Not Owned)
  • Aunt: Francesca Osborne (Francesca the Fish Fryer & Sonny) (Not Owned)


Arthur Osborne is the teacher at Country Tree School.

Carol Osborne likes to read, especially cook books! Her favourite things to bake are fruit pies and chocolate chip cookies.

Aidan Osborne loves to play sports, especially football. But all that activity makes him very hungry and he can often be found tucking into a hamburger, his favourite food!

Ava Osborne can be very shy at times and is happiest when outdoors tending the garden and admiring all the pretty flowers.

Jason Osborne never stops smiling, but he always saves his biggest smiles for his mummy!

Baby brother Bradley Osborne likes playing games with his older brothers, Aiden & Jason. His other love in life are lollipops. His favourite flavour is strawberry.

Baby sister Casey Osborne is always smiling and laughing. She likes playing outside in the garden while her older sister, Ava, tends the plants.

Bear baby Melody Osborne is never happier then when her mother Carol puts her on the rocking horse. Melody likes it because she can see out of the nursery window whist riding her horse. Carol thinks she might take up show jumping when she's older!

Andrea Osborne loves bobbing about on the water. She's never happier than when she's rowing her boat along the canal with her parasol shading her from the sun and her camera at the ready. Andrea's boat can be hooked on to the back of any version of the Sylvanian Canal Boat.

Francesca Osborne is a very good fryer of fish and her customers travel for miles to come and see her and here comes one of her favourite customers!  Sonny Barker saves all of his pocket money every week so he can make a special visit on a Saturday for fish & chips.

“Mmmmm Fish & Chips” is the call as the families of Sylvania spot the Fish & Chips Van driven by its owner Finley Osborne. From the hatch Finley sells fresh fish & chips wrapped in newspaper served on a tray with mushy peas and a drink. There is also a table & chairs where you can sit and look out over the ocean while you tuck in!



The Osborne family includes four versions of the sister figure, Ava comes with the family as well as with the 2015 school lunch set, Andrea comes with a rowboat and there is also a third unnamed version of the sister that comes with an unnamed standing baby in the baby bath set. Uncle Finley and aunt Francesca also come in separate sets and attend to the fish and chip van released in 2014.

The Osborne bear family were originally released in the UK in January 2014. They come in Epoch UK packaging and have flat hands/paws. They are sometimes known as the Petite family elsewhere as this was the name was given to them upon their intial release in the UK.