The Patches Family

Sylvanian Families Patches Dog Family

Sylvanian Families School Lunch set and lunch lady dorothy patches

Sylvanian Families Patches Dog Family (Dinner lady - 4356; Swimming set - 4587)

Purchased: Mother - 9 March 2012 (TAKEALOT); Siblings - 30 July 2012 (TAKEALOT)



Dorothy Patches and Eric Renard are two very important members of the school team. Eric the lollipop man ensures that all the pupils arrive safely each morning. Dorothy the dinner lady provides a wholesome meal for all the children at lunchtime, and runs the tuck shop for those who get peckish at break time.

Bertie & Bella Patches are ready for the games to begin! They have been swimming since they were just pups, and now the time has come to show just how strong swimmers they have become. Bertie & Bella come wearing their swimming costumes and the set also includes goggles, towels, flip-flops, 2 medals and a stop watch. Let the games commence!