The Periwinkle Rabbit Family


Sylvanian Families Periwinkle Rabbit Family

Sylvanian Families Periwinkle Rabbit Family (4108)

Released: Circa 2004


  • Father: Alex Periwinkle
  • Mother: Kate Periwinkle
  • Brother: Oliver Periwinkle
  • Sister: Rebecca Periwinkle

Father Alex Periwinkle, the Sylvanian sign writer, has to be incredibly patient when he is working, because one mistake and he has to start all over again. His biggest job to date was preparing the signs and banners for the Brambles Department Store.

Mother Kate Periwinkle helps her husband, Alex, with the design and use of colour in his work as well as looking after the family. She gets very annoyed with Alex because he is always forgetting to change into his old work clothes for work and comes home with different coloured paw prints all over his trousers. This causes lots and lots of washing and ironing which Kate has little time for, being a very busy lady!

Brother Oliver Periwinkle is very good at tennis. When his grandfather, Mack, told him that one day he might become the Sylvanian Open Tennis Champion, he thought that he was joking and said: "You cannot be serious".

Sister Rebecca Periwinkle is an all-round athlete, playing rounders and hockey for the school and tennis with her brother, whom she just loves to beat. She is always hopping from one game to another.



Sylvanian Families Periwinkle Rabbit Babies

Sylvanian Families Periwinkle Rabbit Babies (4109b Boy; 4109g Girl)

Released: Circa 2004


  • Standing Baby Brother: Jamie Periwinkle
  • Standing Baby Sister: Hannah Periwinkle

Baby Brother Jamie Periwinkle loves sleeping more than anything else, even at meal times. His mother, Kate, is always having to tickle his paws to make him wake up and finish his meal.

Baby Sister Hannah Periwinkle loves having walks in the park, where she watches her sister, Rebecca, being sporty. She is always saying to her mother, Kate: "Please let us go and watch Rebecca play."



Sylvanian Families Periwinkle Rabbit Grandparents

Sylvanian Families Periwinkle Rabbit Grandparents (4110)

Released: Circa 2003


  • Grandfather: Mack Periwinkle
  • Grandmother: Mabel Periwinkle

Grandfather Mack Periwinkle, when he was younger, was the Sylvanian Open Tennis Champion three years on the bounce. He had to give up playing when he got a bunion on his big toe. Now that he is older he coaches his grandson, Oliver, who he expects to be the next champion.

Grandmother Mabel Periwinkle is an expert at knitting and sewing, making all her own clothes, as well as those for her grand children. She was credited with making Mack the smartest dressed tennis player in Sylvania.



Sylvanian Families Periwinkle Rabbit Older Sister from 20th Anniversary Ivy Mark Campaign

Sylvanian Families Ivy Mark Periwinkle Rabbit Older Sister

Released: Circa 2004

*This lovely figure was released to mark the 20th Anniversary of Sylvanian Families in Japan and was exclusive to the Ivy Mark Campaign. As such, she is quite difficult to find now.



Sylvanian Families Japanese Gift Set Periwinkle Sister

Sylvanian Families Periwinkle Sister from Gift Set

Released: Circa 2005

*This promotional Periwinkle rabbit sister in her pink party dress came with a gift set version of "Raspberry Cottage" in Japan.

Sylvanian Families Japanese Gift Set Periwinkle Sister

Sylvanian Families Raspberry Cottage with Periwinkle Sister.




Sylvanian Families School Friends Rebecca Periwinkle Sister

Sylvanian Families School Friends Set (5170)

Released: Circa 2015

Click here for more information on the school friends set.



*The Periwinkle family includes a number of figures from different playsets. There are also numerous special versions of family members in different sets, as well as extended family members.