The Persis Cat Family


Sylvanian Families Persis Persian Cat Family

Sylvanian Families Persian Cats (4472 - Family; 4473 - Standing Baby; 4474 - Twins)

Purchased: 2011 (Brits Toy Shop)


  • Father: Septimus Persis
  • Mother: Salome Persis
  • Brother: Nolly Persis
  • Sister: Sadie Persis
  • Standing Baby Broter: Marcus Persis
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Roma Persis
  • Crawling Baby Sister: Rona Persis


Septimus Persis is a master craftsman making the most beautiful, colourful rugs that Sylvania has ever seen!

Salome Persis is an artist and draws her inspiration from nature; she creates a lot of the intricate designs that her husband uses in his rugs.

Nolly Persis' idea of the 'purrfect' day is to play in the garden, only returning to the house at mealtimes.

Sadie Persis likes nothing better than to curl up with a good book in the sunniest part of the house.

Marcus Persis can always be found fast asleep in his sister's lap while she reads her books. He likes his sister because she always manages to find the sunniest sport to sit in!

Twins Roma & Rona Persis are a bit destructive in the nursery. It’s not that they are really naughty, just that they don’t know any better! Between them, they’ve managed to pick holes in the wallpaper and scratched the paintwork on their cot and the nursery door.



The Persis family sometimes has dark blue eyes instead of the traditional black or dark amber eyes that most other Sylvanian critters have. The original promotional photos showed the family with light clear blue eyes, but when they were released, they had dark blue beads in most cases dark enough to go unnoticed... My twins and baby have blue eyes, but the family has the standard black eyes as I have not yet been able to find a blue eyed family although I have seen them in photos on Ebay.