The Petite Bear Family


Sylvanian Families Hazelnut Petite Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Hazelnut Petite Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Petite Bears (4012 - Family; 4017 - Twins; 4503 - Village Postman; Boy - EPOCH, ク-53 )

Released: Family - 2006; Postman - 2010; Japanese boy - 2002; Carry Cases 2011


  • Father: Patrick Petite
  • Mother: Margaret Petite
  • Brother: Piers Petite
  • Sister: Andromeda Petite
  • Crawling Baby Broter: Freddy Petite
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Halley Petite
  • Uncle: Postman Pete Petite


Patrick Petite spends all his time in the attic gazing through his telescope at the stars at night, dreaming of all the extra-terrestrial Sylvanians in other worlds. 

Margaret Petite, known to her friends as Meg, thinks that Patrick gets too carried away with his stargazing and much prefers the mystery of astrology to astronomy.

Piers Petite wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and is always designing and building new toy rockets. Sometimes he's allowed in the attic to look through the telescope as his father points out the different stars, but really he's looking for spaceships!

Andromeda Petite is always reading her horoscope or books on astronomy. Her favorite constellation is the Great Bear which she can draw without looking in her reference book.

Twin Babies Freddy & Halley Petite’s favourite toy is the mobile of the planets hanging over their cot, the first present from their father Patrick.

Postman Pete Petite is a jolly soul who can be seen riding his bicycle through the streets of Sylvania early every morning. He particularly loves birthdays as he has so many cards and parcels to deliver that he feels like he is an all year round Father Christmas.




*The Petite Bears were the first family to be released in the "little" bear mold in Japan in 1998. The family was released in Japan in 2002 with red clothing - I currenlty only own the brother in this version. The 2006 UK version is slightly paler than the previous versions of this family, but apart from that, this family has not seen much change since the first version.

In 2010, Postman Pete Petite joined the family. Various other versions of the same family members can be found in sets and carry cases.