The Porridge Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Porrdige Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Porridge Bears (3112 - Family; 3222 - Twins; 3412 - Standing Baby)

Purchased: 2011 (Brits Toy Shop - SA)



Father Cuthbert Porridge is the best toymaker in Sylvania. His dolls houses and dolls house furniture are every girls' dream presents. Every boy would like one of Cuthbert's wooden train sets or one of his cuddly Teddy bears. Cuthbert also makes a mess, but as he says, "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs."

Mother Lauren Porridge likes everything neat and tidy, which is why she will not venture anywhere near Cuthbert's workshop. The thought of all the mess upsets her. She does like all the wonderful toys (the end result of all his hard work and mess).

Sister Chloe Porridge likes having all here friends to say for a sleep over, just so they can all play with her large dolls house and furniture. Chloe and her friends have made their own curtains and carpets for the house.

Brother Jack Porridge likes to work with his dad in the workshop, especially when there is painting to be done. Jack likes a mess and often gets more paint on his paws and face than on the toy he is painting for his father.

Baby Teddy Porridge takes after his mother and has all his rattles and playthings placed neatly around him.

Baby Hetty Porridge is completely hare-brained and can never remember where she put her things!

This family is one of the more confusing ones. The same family was sold as the Sugar bears, Porridge bears and the Marmalade bears in different countries. Since there are already two versions of the Marmalade bears, I have decided to go with the Porridge bears in stead, because that is the name that was used on the SSK website.

I have both the standing and sitting/crawling versions of the Porridge bear babies. Because they are not individual figures, but rather another version of the Porridge bear babies, I made up the names Benno and Berdine for them.