Handmade Sylvanian Projects

This is where I will be showcasing all of my handmade projects for my Sylvanians and displays.





Building my Rooibosch Hill display


The Beachfront - My second project in constructing Rooibosch Hill! This one was really fun, I decided to do it because the Farthings are real jolly beach hounds and the whole family was received as gifts, little sister Farthing coming from Spain! The little snack carts are just too cute as well and I think the scene focuses a lot of well deserved attention on them as well.

The Watermill Bakery - My first project in constructing my village, was my Watermill Bakery. This is my favourite building and the Appleblossom squirrels are my most treasured family. I received them from the collection of a fellow collector from the US and though it fitting that their shelf should be the first one that got my attention.

My original display - These are the photos of my original Sylvanian Families display. They were housed behind glass in my living room. My husband was so kind as to put some LED ligts in my display cabinet for me. ;-)

This was before I started building individual displays for every shelf, so it is till quite bare...