The Puddleford Family


Sylvanian Families Waddlington Duck baby in pram

Sylvanian Families Puddleford Duck Family (Tomy 2963 - Nelson; 2964 - Beth; 2965 - Babies)

Purchased: 12 August 2012 (Ebay)



Father Nelson Puddleford is an expert plumber. Whenever anyone has a leaking tap, he's immediately on hand to mend it.

Mother Beth Puddleford makes the most refreshing iced drinks in Sylvania: Lemon, Strawberry, Banana, and all the children's favorite, Milk Chocolate.

Baby Tom Puddleford takes after his father. He's fascinated by tubes and pipes and wants to be a plumber when he grows up.

Baby Maisy Puddleford likes rainy days, because she just loves splashing about in puddles- especially in deep, muddy puddles.

Baby Sammy Puddleford, unlike her sister Maisy, hates the rain and puddles. In fact, she will not venture outside until all the puddles have dried up and the sun is shining again.