The Robinson Red Panda Family

Sylvanian Families Redwood Red Panda Family

Sylvanian Families Robinson Red Pandas (FS-01)

Purchased: 26 November 2012 (Ebay)


To mark the 25th Anniversary of Sylvanian Families in Japan in 2010, Epoch released a special Red Panda Family featuring mother, father, sister & baby. This family was released as a set of four, with mother, father, sister and baby sister. However, I have two sets, the second set was turned into a brother, baby brother and grandparents, simply because these are some of my most beloved animals and I couldn't do with just four!!! In 2013, however these red pandas came to the UK line, and were now named the Robinson family. Therefore, I have decided to combine the names of the UK and Japanese versions with their different biographies.


Father Wilbur Robinson grows some of the best grapes in Sylvania on the sunny slopes, just south of the village. He grows many different varieties, some for the fruit bowl as well as some to make delightful red and white wines, but everyone’s favourite is the one he grows for his wife’s deliciously sweet grape juice.

Mother Fliss Robinson is the one who turns Wilbur’s juicy plump grapes, not only into excellent red and white wines, but she also creates a scrumptious grape juice, which can only be described as ‘the nectar of the gods’!

Brother Barberry Robinson is an energetic boy who loves exercising. He gets along very well with his siblings and they are always playing together. Like his father, he can be a bit careless at times. Oneday, he would like to follow in his father's footsteps to become master winemaker of Sylvania.

Sister Frances Robinson wants to be famous for a special drink like her mother, so she spends a lot of time helping Wilbur, her father and Fliss, her mother, in order to learn as much as possible about how the different drinks are made. She is experimenting with a grape juice with mango at the moment and both her parents are proud to help and advise.

Baby Brother Currant Robinson loves his sister. Wherever his older sister goes, he goes, and he is always imitating his big sister. He often follows his grandfather through the vineyards as he inspects all of the grape vines and he has even taken on the very important role as chief-grape-taster!

Baby Sister Cali Robinson loves the seedless grapes her father grows for fruit salad. She often wonders how he manages to grow grapes without any seeds, after all, you need seeds to grow a vine in the first place! This problem has not put her off the grapes and she would eat them non-stop if she could.

Grandfather Merlot Redwood, though somewhat careless, he is cheerful and has a big heart. When the weather is nice, he loves taking the children hiking with him over the hills and have a picnic right next to the glittering lake. After retiring, Merlot now takes care of the vineyards in Sylvania and he can often be seen strolling through the vineyards, checking up on the grapevines and making sure that the grapes are picked at just the right moment to ensure the best wines. He loves his wife Shiraz and often tells his friends that she ages like a fine wine, getting better every day.

Grandmother Shiraz Redwood always kindly watches over the children. Her speciality is making sweets, and she regularly bakes a cake or pie with fruits for the children. She is the daughter of Sylvania's top winemaker. Her father was known all over Sylvania for his fine wines and she picked up quite a few things from him over the years. After she married Merlot, they took over the family business of supplying Sylvania with wines, a traditional art which she passed on to her own daughter and hopefully, it will be passed on to her grandchildren as well.

The grandparents, brother and baby brother's biographies are translations of the booklet that went with the family, The names and biographies in dark pink, are my own and are not official Sylvanian Families biographies! These characters are not released Sylvanian Families characters and I made them up out of my second set of Red panda's as mentioned before, although I kept the original mother and father's names for the grandparents. (Original JP sister names are Cherry and Cranberry for the younger sister).