The Renard Family

Sylvanian Families Renard Fox Family

Sylvanian Families Renard Fox Family

Sylvanian Families Renard Fox Picnic Set

Sylvanian Families Dinner Lady and Lollipop Man

Sylvanian Families Renard Foxes (4418 - Lollipop man; 4711 - Picnic set; 3443 - Twins)

Purchased: Picnic set - 2011 (Brits Toy Shop - SA); Lollipop Man - 9 March 2012 (TAKEALOT); Cheerleader - 7 September 2012 (Club Membership Figure); Twins - 7 November 2012 (Gift - Sigrun)



Father Eric Renard is an 'Odd Job' Man. He mends broken window, repairs roofs, rehangs gates that don't close properly-- you name it, he does it! In his spare time, he makes wonderful toys and playthings for his lucky children. Eric Renard and Dorothy Patches are two very important members of the school team. Eric the lollipop man ensures that all the pupils arrive safely each morning. Dorothy the dinner lady provides a wholesome meal for all the children at lunchtime, and runs the tuck shop for those who get peckish at break time.

Mother Roxy Renard is a home interior decorator with great taste and fantastic color sense. If anyone wants their house to look really stylish, they call Roxy who will rush around to see them loaded up with wallpaper, paint, material swatch books, and a head full of great ideas. Fox mother Roxy Renard and her son Baden enjoy cycling to peaceful picnic spots by the river. Before they eat they play bat & ball to work up an appetite.

Brother Baden Renard is a very energetic lad who is a fervent Boy Scout. When he and his sister Mikaela are on one of their camping adventures, he's the one who does most of the work; collecting firewood, cooking and putting up the tent, while she plans and organizes.

Sister Mikaela Renard is the real outdoor type who just loves camping and rambling. She joined the Brownies when she was very young and is now a very keen Girl Guide who would love to live in a tent if only her mother would let her!

Baby Danny Renard is always up to mischief. Not bad or naughty mischief, just the, "Who left muddy paw prints on the refrigerator door?" kind.

Baby Carrie Renard loves her brother Danny and follows him everywhere, even though he leads her into trouble!