The Sandy Cat Family


Sylvanian Families Beaman Ginger Cat Family

Sylvanian Families Sandy Cats (5180 - Family; 5188 - Twins; 5186 - Baby)

Purchased: 1 July 2015 (Toy Kingdom)


  • Father: Simon Sandy
  • Mother: Amelia Sandy
  • Brother: Shane Sandy
  • Sister: Sabrina Sandy
  • Sitting Baby Broter: Scott Sandy
  • Crawling Baby Sister: Skyler Sandy
  • Standing Baby Sister: Apricot Sandy


Simon Sandy is sporty, and especially enjoys marine sports. Whenever he has time, he takes his family to spend time at their summer house by the seaside. In summer, he teaches marine sports to groups of children from Sylvanian Village at the Sea Breeze Cape.

Amelia Sandy really likes fruit - even her favourite clothes have fruit patterns! She enjoys going fruit picking and makes delicious meals and desserts with her freshly picked produce. Her homemade fruit ice cream is her children's favourite.

Shane Sandy is very brave and wants to be an explorer when he grows up. He likes to play exploring on Adventure Island with his friends. He sometimes worries his parents by climbing up tall trees and going into dark caves.

Sabrina Sandy is an active girl who loves to ride her bicycle while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Sea Breeze Cape. When she stays at the Sea Breeze Cape, she exchanges letters with her good friend Freya Chocolate. She and Freya have pretty pink shell brooches that match. Sabrina's friendship brooch is very special to her.

Scott Sandy is very active. Even when he's riding in his stroller, he leans forward and wiggles his arms and legs. He loves the fluffy ears the rabbit families have, so his mother Amelia made him a straw hat with long ears. It's his favourite thing!

Skyler Sandy is a friendly girl who smiles and waves at people she meets on the street. Her mother Amelia made her a straw hat with long ears like a rabbit. Skyler likes it so much that she insists on wearing it even in the house.

Apricot Sandy is a crybaby and believes that it rains when she cries. So whenever she wants the weather to be sunny, she tries to hold back her tears even when she falls down on the street or drops her snack on the floor.



The Sandy Cat Family was introduced in 2015 and looks almost identical to the Macavity Cat family in colour and markings. They have different clothes, names and biographies and the mold also differs from the standard cat mold used for the Macavities though.