The Seadog Family


Sylvanian Families Seadog Family

Sylvanian Families Seadog Family (4323 - Cpt. Seadog Riverboat Set; Other figures - SF Club Membership renewal gifts)

Purchased: Riverboat Set - 23 September 2013 (Ebay); Mother & Brother - June 2013 (Sylvanian Club Membership Renewal gifts); Sister - 29 September 2013 (Trade Tracy)


With his old peaked cap, sailor's uniform and big friendly smile, Captain Horatio Seadog is a very popular character - especially with his loyal "Captain's Crew". Give him a chance and he will spend hours telling you wonderful tales of wicked pirates, buried treasure and thrilling adventures on the seven seas - all, of course, featuring him as the hero!

Jane Seadog has been the wife of Captain Horatio Seadog for many a long year, more years than she cares to mention. Jane fell in love with the dashing, young naval officer the first time that she laid eyes on him! Although they are very happily married, Jane does get lonely when the Captain goes on his far away voyages. However, as soon as he returns home, they love nothing better than strolling arm in arm through Sylvania.

Drake Francis Seadog is determined to become a sailor, just like his father, Horatio. He loves playing at being a pirate with his friends and naturally, he always takes the role of Captain. As he stands on his make-believe deck he loves to shout "Slice the Mainbrace", as he waves his make-believe sword, although he doesn't have a clue what it means!

Suzanne Seadog is Captain Horatio Seadog's adorable and bubbly daughter, who loves to help everyone.  She is always the first to offer help when the stables need cleaning or the ponies need brushing.  Suzanne is every parent's first choice when they need a baby sitter or a nursery school helper.  Always chatty and full of life, Suzanne makes all her friends smile and very happy to be around her.