The Simpkins Cat Family


Sylvanian Families Simpkins Cat Family

Sylvanian Families Simpkins Cats (3387 - TOMY Hotel Chef & Waitress set; 4700 - Flair Chef & Waitress Set; 4442 - Birthday Party Set)

Purchased: Twins - 16 July 2012 (Brits Toy Shop); Mother & Father - 8 April 2013 (Ebay)


  • Father: Albert Simpkins (NOT OFFICIAL FIGURE!!!)
  • Mother: Suzette Simpkins
  • Brother: Glynn Simpkins
  • Sister: Gwendolyn Simpkins


Albert Simpkins used to be a pilot in the war, but now that there are no longer any wars in Sylvania, he has turned his talents to making sweets. He makes the most dainty boiled sweets and candies and with the demand in Sylvania, he can barely keep up production!

Suzette Simpkins is the waitress at the Grand Hotel.

Glynn & Gwendolyn Simpkins are dressed in their best party outfits and are looking forward to the birthday party. No party would be complete without a birthday cake, balloons and beautifully wrapped presents.



The Simpkins Cat family does not have any father or baby figures and is only made up of single mother Suzette and her two children. Father Simpkins is not an official figure, I made him from my first mother figure that I got off Ebay on the same day as I won the bid on the TOMY box set. Father Simpkins is the Flair version of this figure, while Suzette is the TOMY version - there are very slight differences in the molds and Suzette has tinier feet.