The Snow-Warren Family

Sylvanian Families Snow-Warren Rabbit  Family

Sylvanian Families Snow-Warren Rabbit  Grandparents

Sylvanian Families Snow-Warren Rabbits (4184 - Celebration Family)

Purchased: 26 July 2012 (Trade UK)


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Father Clarence Snow-Warren spends his time repairing furniture. He says it's sensible to mend old things rather than keep buying new ones.

Mother Lettuce Snow-Warren takes the pieces of furniture that Clarence has repaired and cleans and polishes them until they are as good as new.

Brother Lucky Snow-Warren is very good at finding things. In fact he finds things before you even know you've lost them. Just like the time he found Quincy's glasses behind the sofa when all the while Quincy thought they were in his pocket.

Sister Sophie "Treasure" Snow-Warren spends all of her free time riding her bike round Sylvania collecting an array of bits and pieces. A pretty leaf, a graceful looking twig or a shiny pebble - she picks them up and puts them in her basket of special "Treasure".

Baby Alice Snow-Warren is very adventurous. The other week she was a mountaineer and climbed up onto the sofa in the front room. Clarence had to play "mountain rescue" once she reached the top.

Grandfather Bernard Snow-Warren is well known as a furniture expert. There is nothing that he doesn't know about frames, springs, padding, fabrics and what makes a bed or a chair really comfortable. Since he retired, he's very good at taking little naps in his various chairs around the house.

Grandmother Edith Snow-Warren likes knitting scarves for everyone who has to work outdoors like fishermen, postmen or farmers. She's always busy by the fire with a good book, knitting and reading at the same time.