The Solitaire Cat Family


Sylvanian Families Solitaire Cat Family

Photo by Wendy

Sylvanian Families Solitaire Siamese Cats (???? - Family; ???? - Baby)

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  • Father: Ferdinand Solitaire (NOT OWNED)
  • Mother: Tallula Solitaire (NOT OWNED)
  • Brother: Zack Solitaire (NOT OWNED)
  • Sister: Zare Solitaire (NOT OWNED)
  • Standing Baby Broter: Dixie Solitaire (NOT OWNED)
  • Standing Baby Sister: Trixie Solitaire (NOT OWNED)


Ferdinand Solitaire spends a lot of his time gazing at the stars. If you ask him nicely he'll tell you the names of them all. But he would love to get a telescope so he could look at them more closely.

Tallula Solitaire says she can tell the future by reading tea leaves But in fact she's only pretending really! Whenever anyone finishes their tea, she'll stare at the cup and tell them what's going to happen to them - and sometimes she's right!.

Zack Solitaire, like his father, just loves star-gazing. As well as learning the names of the stars from Ferdinand, he's looking for a new one that he can name after his mother. .

Zara Solitaire loves helping her mother. Every day she drinks lots of tea just so Tallulah can tell her fortune. But strangely enough, Tallulah always 'predicts' the same thing, "If you're a good girl, you'll get a bowl of cream for tea!".

Trixie and Dixie Solitaire go everywhere together and do everything together. Once when Dixie got a splinter in his paw, Trixie had to have a bandage and a kiss to make it better.



The baby Solitiare Cat only comes in a yellow gown, but has two names: Trixie and Dixie. Therefore, most collectors like to collect two yellow babies. There is also a Solitaire Cat Wedding set and a Japanese Urban Life version of this family.