The Spotter Family

Sylvanian Families Spotter Meerkat family

Sylvanian Families Spotter Meerkats (4404 - Grandparents; 4171 - Triplets; 4170 - Family)

Purchased: 9 April 2012 (TAKEALOT); Family & triplets -12 October 2012 (BeHappy)



Harry Spotter is the most alert and watchful creature in Sylvania - and it's a good job as he has to check there are no wildfires in the forest. As this vital role demands his total concentration, the other Sylvanians have learned not to take it personally if Harry ignores them completely!

Beatrix Spotter, on the other hand, is always warm and friendly. She loves children and is often babysitting as many as twenty at a time. She bakes them fairy cakes and reads them fairy stories - and she counts them every fifteen minutes to make sure they're all still there!

Alfie Spotter always has his head in a book. He often gets so absorbed in one of his adventure stories that he regularly forgets what day it is, and has been known to turn up for school on a Saturday!

Gail Spotter would much rather go for a long walk in the Sylvanian forest than read a book. She particularly enjoys strolling along by the river and picking wild flowers for her mother.

The Meerkat Spotter family has three bundles of joy to add to their family!
Triplet babies Penelope, Peregrine & Prudence Spotter have names that are almost as big as they are! They are never apart, and spend their days wrestling and sleeping. And then wrestling and sleeping some more!

Grandfather Cliff Spotter is very proud of Harry - he knows spotting wildfires is one of the most important jobs in Sylvania. He likes to make himself useful too and often helps his son out when he's busy. Harry never puts his father on duty for too long though. He knows he's not as young as he used to be and has a habit of falling asleep in the afternoon.

Grandmother Clarice Spotter also likes to be helpful and regularly looks after her grandchildren when their parents are busy. The only problem is she can't tell Penelope, Prudence or Peregrine apart and often calls them by the wrong name, much to the triplets amusement.