The Truffle Family

Sylvanian Families Truffle Wild Boar Family

Sylvanian Families Truffle Wild Boars (4136)

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Eustace Barrington Truffle is the Sylvanian dentist. He may look rather frightening with his big strong healthy tusks and even bigger name, but everyone knows that under that gruff exterior lies a heart of gold. Which is why the Sylvanians like going to the dentist!

Victoria Truffle like her darling husband is also a dentist and possibly the strongest lady in Sylvania. This is lucky as Eustace does not like pulling teeth, so when any wisdom teeth need to come out, it’s Victoria who does it!

Felicity Truffle eats her food much too quickly, as she fears if she doesn’t her greedy little brother will eat it!

Charlie 'Chocolate' Truffle has been given the nickname ‘Chocolate’ for a very good reason. He adores it. Charlie’s face is always covered in it!

Susan-Mary Truffle is a dentist’s dream come true! She has perfect teeth, a huge dazzling smile and no fillings. Susan wants to be a dentist like her daddy but without the tusks!