The Trunk Elephant Family


Sylvanian Families Trunk Elephant Family

Sylvanian Families Trunk Elephants (3558 - Family; 3559 - Baby; 3560 - Twins)

Released: 2010


  • Father: Hugo Trunk
  • Mother: Savannah Trunk
  • Brother: Ivor Trunk
  • Sister: Nellie Trunk
  • Crawling Baby Broter: Peanut Trunk
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Nana Trunk
  • Standing Baby Sister: Emily Trunk


Hugo Trunk is a lumberjack with the important job of keeping Sylvania clean and tidy. Every morning he uses his strong trunk and huge tusks to clear fallen trees from the forest and every afternoon he rewards himself with a long mud bath and an even longer lie down!

Savannah Trunk prefers to use her brain rather than her brawn! She has a wonderful memory and, much to the annoyance of her family, never forgets anything. That’s good news when it comes to their birthdays, of course, but bad news when it comes to any bad behaviour!

Ivor Trunk desperately wants to be a hockey player when he grows up. He has  great stick control and, now that his ‘trunk skills’ have improved so much, he also shows great promise in goal.

Nellie Trunk hates hockey, but loves ballet. The ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ is her favourite role and she practises the steps every chance she gets. She wears a beautiful pink tutu and satin ballet slippers.

The Trunk family twins Peanut and Nana Trunk are too small to help their father in the forest at the moment. They don't mind though, as long as they've got a paddling pool to play in and some sticky buns to eat, they're quite happy!


*The Calico Critters version of this family, is called the Ellwoods Elephant family, and the family members' names are: Father Edwin, Mother Ella, Brother Elliott, Sister Eliza and twins Evan and Ellie.