The Underwood Badger Family

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Sylvanian Families Underwood Badgers (4046 - Family; 4051 - Babies; 4679 - Celebration Family)

Purchased: Celebration Family - 18 November 2012 (Small Imaginations); Baby Brother - 9 June 2012 (Ebay)



Benjamin Underwood and his family are nomads wandering Sylvania in their caravan. Benjamin is an expert at mending broken furniture and putting up shelves. He is currently writing a book called "Antiques the Underwood Way", but he never seems to get round to finishing it.

Beatrix Underwood is a very capable badger indeed. Her father always inspired her with his motoring stories, so from an early age, Beatrix became interested in the mechanics of any vehicle with wheels.

Bryon Underwood takes after his grandfather who was the Sylvanian society photographer of his day. Byron has recently been learning to develop his own film so if you can't find him it's because he's in the darkroom developing his latest roll of film.

Bess Underwood is known for her striking features, and her beauty is the talk of Sylvania. Everyone says the reason she's so attractive is because she has a very friendly personality which shines through her beautiful eyes.

Baby Hugh Underwood has already made his mark on Sylvania and is showing a great interest in the construction of buildings.

Baby Ella Underwood's personality is still developing, but so far she is showing signs of being a great thinker and just loves to sit on the caravan and watch the world go by.

Baby April Underwood loves to clean and tidy, unlike all other members of her untypical family. Not that April's efforts make much difference to the untidy Underwood household. After all, she is only small and can't reach to clean and tidy much above chair level. Her favourite "toy" is a big feather duster!

Grandfather Patrick Underwood is now very old but has wonderful memories of being the most famous photographer in Sylvania. For some strange reason nobody ever calls him by his proper name; he is known to everyone as Lionel! He loves it when his grandson, Byron, joins him to learn the tricks of the trade.

Grandmother Mildred Underwood is a most untypical Grandmother who just doesn't like cooking, knitting or gardening. She loves joining in with the younger Sylvanians when they go hiking and once even went potholing. Sometimes the youngsters would rather be by themselves, but she badgers them into submission and usually gets invited along!