The Waddlington Family

Sylvanian Families Waddlinton Duck Family

Sylvanian Families Waddlington Duck baby in pram

Sylvanian Families Puddleford Duck Family (4215 - Family; 4391 - Carry Case baby)

Purchased: 9 April 2012 (Ebay)



Father Mayor Bill Waddlington likes to got things done and hates what he calls "time wasting ". He's always in a rush and is often heard to say, "Life is for doing, not watching!" He's very proud of his mayoral chain of office, which he is rumoured to wear to bed.

Mother Mayoress Wanda Waddlington runs the Sylvanian delivery service called "Flyte Path" whose motto is "One ring and we are on the wing". She's an excellent businesswoman, and although she doesn't rush about as much as her husband, she seems to get much more done!

Boy Baby Quiller Waddlington is a very serious boy who thinks deeply!

Boy Baby Sebastian Waddlington is just like his father, always in a hurry, organizing this and that and telling everyone what to do!

Girl Baby Jemima Waddlington is a dreamer who lives in a little world all of her own!

Girl Baby Wendy Waddlington came in a carry case with a yellow egg pram.