The Walnut Squirrel Family


Sylvanian Families Bobby Roberts policeman

Sylvanian Families Walnut Squirrels (4172 - Family; 4885 - Twins; 4391 - baby on swing)

Releasedsed: Circa 2015


  • Father: Cedric Walnut
  • Mother: Yardley Walnut
  • Brother: Ralph Walnut
  • Sister: Saffron Walnut
  • Sleeping Baby Brother: Alfie Walnut
  • Crawling Baby Sister: Alyssa Walnut
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Blaine Walnut (No Official Name)

Father Cedric Walnut is never happier than when he is organising something. If there is a big event to be planned in Sylvania, Cedric will be called upon to make sure everything comes together on time. Whether it is a carnival, a wedding or a birthday party, Cedric will make sure it is a day to remember.

Mother Yardley Walnut runs the Sylvanian Beauty Salon. An expert beautician and hairdresser, Yardley loves nothing more than helping people to look their best. She always says, “Everyone has beauty in them and it’s my job to help that shine through!” Yardley especially likes pampering the other mothers in her salon as she gets to catch up on all the latest village news!

Brother Ralph Walnut is definitely the outdoor type. His trusty bicycle has carried him on some of his most exciting woodland expeditions and he is very rarely seen without it. Ralph thinks that he has had ridden his bike further, and had more punctures, than anyone else in Sylvania – including PC Bobby Roberts – which is why he never goes anywhere without his puncture repair kit!

Sister Saffron Walnut is just mad about the colour yellow and says her favourite things are sunshine and buttercups. Her wardrobe is full of yellow clothes and even her bedroom is painted in her favourite colour. Saffron drives her mother to distraction at breakfast time because the only thing she will eat on her toast is lemon curd, because – yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s yellow!

Alfie & Alyssa Walnut (Sleeping & crawling squirrel twins) come with their dummy & bottle.

Blaine Walnut is a carry case baby and has no official name or biography. She comes with a purple swing in a clear plastic case.


Sylvanian Families School Friends Set Ralph Walnut

Sylvanian Families School Friends Set (5170)

Released: Circa 2015

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