The Whiskers Cat Family


Sylvanian Families Whiskers Calico Cat Family

Sylvanian Families Whiskers Cats (CC1995 - Family; 4628 - Twins; 3330 - Carry Case Baby; 3162 - Grandparents)

Purchased: Family - 3 January 2013 (Ebay); Baby - 2011 (Brits Toy Shop); Twins - 8 February 2013 (Ebay)


  • Father: Sebastian Whiskers
  • Mother: Katrina Whiskers
  • Brother: Branson Whiskers
  • Sister: Amelia Whiskers
  • Crawling Baby Broter: Jeremy Whiskers
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Malory Whiskers
  • Sitting Baby Sister: Bridget Whiskers (No Official Name)
  • Grandfather: Edgar Whiskers (NOT OWNED)
  • Grandmother: Eleanor Whiskers (NOT OWNED)


Sebastian Whiskers works at the local dairy farm. He is responsible for making sure that all the business folks in Cloverleaf Corners pay for their milk. He spends most of his time in the office, but occasionally has to make trips to visit those stubborn customers who refuse to pay on time. Sebastian is very patient but also knows that business is business.

Katrina Whiskers is not very patient. She likes everything to be very neat and tidy in her home and will not allow her family to enter the house if they have dirt on their paws or if the kids are dirty from playing outside. Everyone in the Whiskers family must pass Katrina's inspection before they enter her home.

Branson Whiskers is the most popular boy at his school in Cloverleaf Corners. After a long day of classes, Branson participates in sporting events. His favorite sport is soccer. So far, he has scored the most goals for his team which is on its way to being the #1 soccer team in his school district. After a long day of school and sports, Branson looks forward to going home so he can eat dinner followed by his favorite snack, cookies and milk.

Amelia Whiskers is a very smart girl who loves playing games. Her favorite game is hide & seek. She loves to hide in her secret hiding spots in her cozy house as her brother Branson counts to ten. "Ready or not, here I come." Amelia Whiskers can trick anyone.

Crawl Boy Twin Jeremy and Sit Girl Twin Malory love to sneak into their big brother and sister's bunk beds.  Most of the time, they play with their favourite toys on the lower bed, but also like to hide under the sheets waiting for one of their older siblings to find them.  Although the top bunk bed is too high right now, Jeremy is looking forward to the day when he can climb the ladder to get into his big brother's bed.



The Whiskers Cat Grandparents were a European exclusive set along with the Bearbury bear grandparents and twins and are very difficult to find. (They do not have official biographies). Baby Bridget Whiskers is a carry case baby and doesn't have an official name of biography. She came in a clear plastic case and has a duck-potty and towel. Sister Amelia is not in her correct dress, although this one is close to the original.
There are many other Whiskers cats that come in different sets, especially in the Japanese line.