The Wildwood Family

Sylvanian Families Wildwood brown rabbit family

Sylvanian Families Wildwood brown rabbit grandparents

Sylvanian Families Wildwood Brown Rabbits (Celebration Brown Rabbit Family - 4163; FloraWildwood - Tomy 2912; Smokey Wildwood - Tomy 2911)

Purchased: Celebration Family - 3 December 2012 (Small Imaginations); Grandparents - 13 December 2012 (Ebay)



Herb Wildwood is a real party animal who loves to throw parties. He doesn't need a reason, like someone's birthday or anniversary, to invite all his family and friends around for a bit of a do! He takes charge of drinks, music and getting everyone dancing.

Ginger Wildwoodis a great hostess full of chat, amusing stories and charm. Ginger is also a great cook famous for her legendary party food and especially for her spicy carrot bake.

Ray Wildwood was encouraged from an early age to sing and play the guitar at the family parties with his sister Tina. Together they were very good and all the guests enjoyed the show, but now that he's older he prefers to party than sing.

Tina Wildwood unlike her brother Ray, still sings whenever she has the chance. Her mother believes Tina's voice is getting better and stronger all the time. "Tina could become a full time singer when she finishes college" Ginger tells everyone!

Rusty Wildwood is very musical. He can play most instruments well but likes the trumpet, drums and electric guitar best because they are loud and brash. Rusty has formed a band which has so many members now it should be called an orchestra!

Hollie Wildwood is like her father and just loves parties, her favourite occasions being Christmas and her birthday because she has a great party and presents! SHe also loves dressing up to go singing and dancing.

Juniper Wildwood is an easy-going baby who can sleep through her family's loudest parties. She enjoys all the attentionshe gets as the guests arrive but after an hour of being passed from one adoring pair of arms to another, Juniper announces "It's time for my story and bed"!

Smokey Wildwood plays with kids so much, he even looks like he's getting younger.

Flora Wildwood has had it with so many parties. She's the only party-pooper in the family.