School Music Lesson

Uncle Henry Bearbury the Sylvanian Families school music teacher and his instruments
Sylvanian Families School Music Lesson (4415)
Released: Circa 2011

Figures included: Uncle Henry Bearbury

Henry Bearbury is the music teacher at Berry Grove School. The school orchestra is very well equipped with a grand piano, glockenspiel, accordion, recorder, drums, cymbals, triangle and a conductor’s baton. Mr Bearbury leads the school orchestra from his seat at the piano. The orchestra performs at all school concerts, school plays and other special events.

Items included: Conductor's podium with baton, Grand Piano, Xylophone with 2x mallets, bass drum with beater, snare drum with 2x drumsticks, recorder, triangle with beater, 2x cymbals, accordian and melodica. 2x Paper music sheets.

Uncle Henry Bearbury the Sylvanian music teacher without his coat
Underneath his coat, uncle Henry wears a pair of blue dungarees with a plaid shirt and red bowtie in this version.
Musical instruments included in the Sylvanian Families School Music Lesson set
All of the musical instruments included in this set.

*Uncle Henry Bearbury was first released in 2002 in the set called "Music Lesson", which was part of the Family Life series in the UK. This is the second version, released in 2011, which includes uncle Henry in a different outfit, with a wider arrangement of musical instruments.

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