Terrace House

Sylvanian Families Japanese Terrace House or Willow Hall Conservatory with the front porch on the ground floor.
Sylvanian Families Japanese Terrace house (5237)
Released: Circa 2005

Figures included: None

Items included: Terrace building; ceiling/floor piece, 4x white railings, white ladder, front steps, 2x connectors
(My set is missing the ladder and connectors)

Willow Hall Conservatory with the front porch converted into a second floor.
The front porch can be stacked on top of the house, making a second floor, with the steps snapping directly back below the door.

*This cute little conservatory was released in Japan under the name Terrace House, and in the UK as the Willow Hall Conservatory a year later - although the UK version is slightly darker. The same mold was also used to make the little blue summer house in the 2010 UK range. 

This tiny house can be added onto the Willow Hall house as a little extra room, or stand on its own with either two floors or a single floor with a large porch area, making it a very versatile little home, shop or even room!

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