Village Postman Set

Sylvanian Families Village Postman Pete Petite and his red bicycle
Sylvanian Families Village Postman (4503)
Released: Circa 2010

Figures included: Postman Pete Petite

Postman Pete Petite is a jolly soul who can be seen riding his bicycle through the streets of Sylvania early every morning. He particularly loves birthdays as he has so many cards and parcels to deliver that he feels like he is an all year round Father Christmas.

Items included: Red postbox; red bicycle with basket; parcel; postman's satchel; stamp and ink pad; red pencil; 3x paper envelopes with matching writing paper; 4x postcards.

Sylvanian Families Village Postman Pete's red post box bicycle and postbag
Postman Pete's Bicycle and mailbag with all of the items he carries with him. 
Mail items included in the Sylvanian Families Village Postman set
The letters and post cards included in this set - the letters can fit in their corresponding envelopes too.

*Postman Pete Petite is one of many postmen in Sylvania. I love all of the little items that come with this set, especially the big red postbox. It has a slit where letters can be deposited, and can also be opened from the back to retrieve them.

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