Baby Jungle Gym

Sylvanian Families Baby Jungle Gym
Sylvanian Families Baby Jungle Gym (2949)
Released: Circa 2004

Figures included: None

Items included: Jungle gym, slide, door, 2x coloured Panels.

The Sylvanian Baby Jungle Gym is modular, so you can create endless fun
The modular nature of the Baby Jungle Gym means that you can create a new layout for your Sylvanian babies every time they play!
The Sylvanian babies love playing in their colourful playpens
All the Sylvanian babies love playing on the Jungle Gym.

*This little baby jungle gym is a wonderful little addition to the Sylvanian Families line! It is modular and allows you to change the layout to a number of different options. It is bright and colourful and is a very fun little furniture piece in any Sylvanian house, garden or nursery scene.

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