Village Florist May Blossom

Sylvanian Families Village Florist May Blossom Bear
Sylvanian Families Village Florist (3180)
Released: Circa 1991

Mother: May Blossom

Florist May Blossom is the owner of the Village Florist shop. Her sweet little store stocks some beautiful flowers and everybody loves buying them to brighten up their homes. Florist May Blossom sells such pretty flowers in her shop. And she makes up special bouquets so all the little Sylvanians can give their mother a super surprise on their birthday or Mother’s Day. But her speciality is Wedding Day bouquets for the brides.

Sylvanian Families Village Florist Shop
Scanned page from 1991-1992 Sylvanian Families Complete World Collectors Handbook.

*The Village Florist building was first released in the UK in 1991. It was the only way to obtain May Blossom, as she was not sold separately. My May Blossom was obtained off EBay, and as such, I unfortunately don't have this florist shop or any of its accessories.

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