The Butler Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Bus Driver and Conductor Stan and Olive Butler Bears
Sylvanian Families Bus Driver and Conductor (4502)
Released: Circa 2010

Father: Stan Butler
Mother: Olive Butler

Stan drives the Woodland Bus around Sylvania and is always a little late as he likes to slow down and wave to everyone he knows. Olive is his conductor and to hurry him along can often be seen shaking a copy of the bus timetable in front of him! They are both happy to take a quick lunch break though.

Olive always brings along sandwiches and a flask of tea and there is nothing Stan likes more than standing by his bus at the side of the road watching everyone wave at him for a change!

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The Butler Bears without their hats.

*The Butler Bear family are related to the Bearbury Bears in that they look exactly the same! The figures in this set are named after characters from the UK sitcom "On the Buses". This is a UK Exclusive set.

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