Handmade Sylvanian Families Clothing

OCT 3RD, 2012

Sylvanian Families handmade lace and ribbon dress with hat

This was my first attempt at sewing clothing for my Sylvanian Families figures. I have since managed to hone my skills and can now say that my dresses are much neater and more professional looking. 

Most of these early dresses, were made by sewing together various pieces of ribbon and lace.

Easy ribbon dresses for Sylvanian families girls

These dresses were made with pieces of pleated ribbon for the bottoms and thin ribbon strips for the straps. However, I have added a dress that I made from fabric to this photo as well. This little flowery dress is made by sewing a long strip of fabric and pleating it on one side to form the bottom of the dress. Then I folded over a piece of fabric to the top for the bodice - this fabric also nicely hides the pleats at the top. Lastly, I added the ribbon to fasten it and sewed on a bead and a fastener at the back. 

Handmade Sylvanian Families Nurse doctor and policeman outfits

Some time back, I had the privelage of making this set of outfits. These outfits are for a very special purpose - they went to a wonderful lady who works with little kids who have been abused and mistreated and little ones who are terminally ill and need to undergo scary procedures and treatments. This special lady is using our beloved critters to heal big scars on tiny hearts and hopefully these tiny little outfits will aid her in achieving her goal!

I made the outfits acoording to outfits that I had on hand for my own nurse, doctor and policeman, howevr adding the little details was tough, as I could not find any small buttons locally and had to settle on beads. The stethoscopes were made with beads, pieces of coated wire and heat shrink tubing that my husband had in his electronics box.

Renard Fox father taking a break from working on the heavy machinery

These little dresses are my current favourite project! I taught myself how to crochet in 2016-2017, using online tutorials to make little soft toys, scarves, runners and dish cloths. But it took me a while to even be able to work with such a small crochet hook! 

These dresses were sent out with the cow siblings in a trade and are so small that they fit standing babies! I hope to make many more crochet things for my critters in the future, but will have to ask my mother to mentor me with the more complicated stitches.

Sylvanian Families Flower Template