The Dandelion Ivory Rabbit Family

Sylvanian Families Dandelion Ivory Rabbit Standing Baby
Sylvanian Families Ivory Rabbit Standing Baby (ウ-25)
Released: Circa 2000

Baby Sister: Daphne Dandelion (No Official Name)

*This family was originally released in Japan in 1986, and has seen three distinct versions throughout the years. Interestingly, they were never released outside of Japan, however a similar rabbit family was released in the UK and Europe with a bent ear and lighter fur, called the Butterglove family. What makes this even more interesting, is that the twins, Lavender and Larkspur Dandelion were indeed released in the UK and USA, all on their own - their story states that they got lost and were left by the fairies for the other villagers to find. 

I love this little crossover back story with these tiny little ones very much and am very fortunate to have reunited my little orphans with their family once more.

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