Secret Fairy Tree

Sylvanian Families Misty Forest Secret Fairy Tree with costume babies and fairies
Sylvanian Families Secret Fairy Tree Gift Set (10-FT)
Released: Circa 2010

Figures included:
Light Pink Fairy (Flower Fairy)
Dark Pink Fairy (Strawberry Fairy)
Orange Fairy (Mushroom Fairy)
Baby Fielding Mouse (Dressed as a Mushroom)
Baby Buckley Deer (Dressed as a Strawberry)
Baby Chocolate Rabbit (Dressed as a Ladybug)
Baby Golightly Cat (Dressed as a Butterfly)

Items included:
Treehouse building; mushroom steps; green swing basket; leaf see-saw; spinning acorn ride with base; tree stump with reversable pie; 4 pink flowers; 2 yellow flowers; 2 orange flowers
Pink flower crown, strawberry crown, mushroom crown, pink flower wand, red strawberry wand, mushroom wand.

This is one of my absolute favourite items with all of the tiny little fairies and the babies all dressed up in their little costumes! The main treehouse itself and all of its accessories, are identical to the Nursery Treehouse, however this particular set was a Japanese Toys-R-Us Gift set exclusive and as such, it contains three unique fairies and four little babies from various families.

Unfortunately I am missing an orange flower from my treehouse, and the set is not complete. However, even with all eight flowers intact, you still always end up with holes somewhere, as there are many more holes than spaces where you can fit flowers into. 

Sylvanian Families Misty Forest Fairies from the Secret Fairy Tree gift set
Four different Sylvanian Families babies all dressed up in their forest costumes

Sylvanian Families Flower Template