The Maces City Mouse Family

Sylvanian Families Maces City Mouse Standing Baby
Sylvanian Families JP Maces Mouse Standing Baby (ネ-25)
Released: Circa 2000

Baby Brother: Mickey Maces (No Official Name)

*This family was originally released in Japan in 2000, and has since made their way to the UK, Euro and US lines. The standing baby is exclusively found in the Japanese and European lines (in a single figure box), wearing different outfits. Standing baby Maces can also be found in a few figure sets, wearing various outfits.

What is very confusing, is that in the US this same family is called the Norwood mice! The UK Norwood mice are a totally different family all together with much darker colouring. They are also sometimes referred to as the City Mouse family, which I find very cute - as I believe the Fieldings would then be their country mouse cousins in reference to the story about the city mouse and the country mouse.

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