The Osborne Yellow Bear Family

Sylvanian Families Osborne Yellow Bear Standing Baby
Sylvanian Families Osborne Bear Standing Baby (ク-68)
Released: Circa 2011

Baby Brother: Jason Osborne

Jason Osborne never stops smiling, but he always saves his biggest smiles for his mummy!

*This family was originally released in 2011 and went on to become one of the signature families in the Sylvanian Families animated stories and promotional media. Brother Aidan comes with a hamburger in his set, that has a big bite taken out. He is very active, but is known as a fellow who enjoys his food! He can be found in both an orange jumpsuit as well as a lovely teal version.

When this family was released, in some areas they were called the Petite bears upon release and in the Calico Critters line in the US, they were originally referred to as the Cuddle bears. But the CC version never had a standing baby! You also often see them called the yellow bear family on some Japanese websites.

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