The Outback Koala Family

Sylvanian Families Outback Koala Family
Sylvanian Families Outback Koala Family (3554)
Released: Circa 2013

Father: Bruce Outback
Mother: Sheila Outback
Standing Baby Sister: Adelaide Outback
Sitting Baby Sister: Joey Outback

Bruce Outback is the leader of the Cloverleaf Corners Environmental Awareness Society. He is very passionate about conserving the environment for the future. He loves teaching critters how to reduce, reuse and recycle products. In his free time, het takes his family on fun hiking trips!

Sheila Outback owns her own eco-friendly shop, selling everything from organic lotions to tote bags made out of 100% recycled paper! She also enjoys being outdoors, tending to her vegetable garden and spending time with her family.

Adelaide Outback, better known as "Addie", has taken up her parents' interest in being environmentally conscious. When she grows up, she wants to start her own eco-fashion company and create clothes made completeley out of natural fibers.

Joey Outback is very attached to her mother. She is always giving her piggy-back rides! She loves being outside, so she can look up at the trees and search for birds. She also likes to play in the Adventure Tree House with all of her friends

Sylvanian Families Outback Koala Mother with a baby in her carrir pouch
The babies can be carried in this cute little carrier that comes in the set!

*This family was release in both the Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters lines. I have decided on using the names and biographies from the Calico Critters version of this family because I could not find biographies for the UK version of this family.

The main difference between the two families, is the different clothes for the babies in the CC version, and the SF version has the mother's name as Carissa and sister as Addie.One of the best things about this family, is that it comes with a baby carrier that allows the mother to cary around one of her babies on her back.

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