Pizza Delivery Set

Mortimer Bramble hedgehog and the Sylvanian pizza delivery set
Sylvanian Families Pizza Delivery Set (5238)
Released: Circa 2015

Figures included: Mortimer Bramble (In pizza delivery outfit)

This fantastic set includes everything you need to run a successful pizza delivery service from the Brick Oven Bakery! Hedgehog father Mortimer Bramble's mission is to jump on his trusy vintage vespa and deliver delicious pizzas to hungry Sylvanians!

Items included: Vespa with storage box; signboard; pizza cutter; 20x pizza pieces that can be assembled into 5 pizzas; 2x pizza boxes.

*The original biography for Mortimer Bramble states that they are a family of tailors, yet when the Pizza Delivery set was released, the new baker driver was named Mortimer Bramble once more! I find this set extremely cute with the little pizza slices that can be assembled into full-sized pizzas and think this is the perfect companion for the pizza oven and pizza shop sets. 

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