Sylvanian Families of South AfricaSylvanian Families of South Africa

Let's Play Playpen

Sylvanian Families Let's Play Playpen with toys and accessories
Sylvanian Families Let's Play Playpen (2948)
Released: Circa 2004

Figures included: None

Items included: Playpen, milk bottle, trumpet, rattle, 2X drumsticks

The Sylvanian babies love playing in their colourful playpens
Sylvanian babies all enjoy playing in their colourful playpens!

*This playpen has seen a few variations over the years and has been released by both Flair and Epoch throughout the years. A brown version exists, but apart from the colouring, the idea is the same.
The playpen has multiple moving parts to occupy your tiniest Sylvanians and is extremely cute in any nursery at home or at school! I love how the tiny little drumsticks have spots to fit when they are not in use.

Such a simple little set, but it brings me so much happiness! 

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