The Waters Beaver Family

Sylvanian Families Waters Beaver Family from TOMY
Sylvanian Families TOMY Waters Beaver Family 
(2950-Father; 2951-Mother; 2952-Brother; 2953-Sister)
Released: Circa 1988

Father: Wade Waters
Mother: Nancy Waters
Brother: Roger Waters
Sister: Misty Waters

Wade Waters is the best house builder in the woods. What kind of house would you like?

Nancy Waters grows the most beautiful flowers in town. She's famous for her miniature roses.

Roger Waters is so popular he was voted head-boy of his school.

Misty Waters day-dreams all the time. She dreams of being a dancer one day.

*The Waters were one of the originl families of Sylvania. This is one of the first versions that was released in the 80's! They have since been updated and re-released. (These biographies are taken from the Tomy Catalogue)

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