Wedding Chapel

Hugo and Hermoine Honeydew Snow Bunny in front of the Sylvanian Families Chapel
Sylvanian Families Wedding Chapel with bride and groom (4971)
Released: Circa 2006

Figures included: 
Groom: Hugo Honeydew
Bride: Hermione Honeydew

The new Wedding Chapel in Sylvania is the perfect place for happy Sylvanian couples to tie the knot.

Items included: Chapel building, bell tower, front steps, bell, altar, organ, organ stool, music book, church bench, register, feather quill, 2 flower posies, bride bouquet.

*This adorable little chapel is one of three versions and is by far my favourite with the light blue roof! Another version with a red roof and third version with an aqua roof also exist. This chapel by itself is a beautiful building with its stained glass windows, but is made a little more special when you add one of the chandeliers to the bell tower, as it projects the latticework ceiling down onto the floor.

The figures included in this set are Hugo and Hermoine Honeydew, who were originally supposed to be Snowbunnies. However, somewhere along the line, older sets got the figures mixed up and later versions were released with Periwinkles instead! The bridesmaids from set 4975 had the same thing happen and can also be found in both the original Snowbunny and later Periwinkle versions.
You can find the Honeydew Snow Bunnies on their family page.

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