My Figure Collection

This is where I showcase my collection of Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters figures and families. I will update this page with all the new items that I aqcuire as my collection grows. The families in red are the ones that I do not yet own and are thus on my wishlist for the future.

MAJOR revamp happening here... Please hang on while I figure things out :-)



  • Alpaca Family (JP)








  • Beaman Cat Family
  • Catwood Cat Family
  • Chantilly Cat Family
  • Charcoal Cat Family (Japan)
  • Cheshire Grey Eared White Cat Family
  • Dante Cat Family
  • Fisher Cat Family
  • Golightly Silk Cat Family
  • Harvey Grey Cat Family
  • Keats Cat Family
  • Macavity Cat Family
  • Maple Cat Family (JP)
  • Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Family
  • Merryweather Cat Family
  • Persis Persian Cat Family
  • Sandy Cat Family
  • Simpkins Cat Family
  • Solitaire Cat Family
  • Soyokaze Cat Family (Japan)
  • Teak Persian Cat Family
  • Urban Life Cream Cat Family (Japan)
  • Urban Life Gray Cat Family (Japan)
  • Urban Life Ivory Cat Family (Japan)
  • Whiskers Cat Family
  • White Cat Family (Japan)





  • Buckley Red Deer Family
  • Moss Reindeer Family



  • Barker Golden Labrador Family
  • Beagle Dog Family
  • Border Collie Family (CC)
  • Cakebread Toy Poodle Family
  • Dalmatian Dog Family (CC)
  • Dalmatian Dog Family (JP)
  • De Pembroke Corgi Family
  • Doughty Dog Family (Chiffon)
  • Farthing Dog Family
  • Fenton Yellow Labrador Family
  • Fletcher Border Collie Family
  • Forrester Dog Family
  • Henry-Lloyd Chocolate Dalmatian Family
  • Huckleberry Hound Family
  • Hunter-Smyth Labrador Family
  • Kennelworth Dalmatian Family
  • Lopez Chihuahua Family
  • Maroon Dog Family
  • Mc Walkie West Highland Terrier Family
  • Patches Dog Family
  • Seadog Family
  • Tan Dog Family (JP)
  • Tailbury Dog Family
  • UL Brown Dog Family
  • UL Maroon Dog Family
  • UL Ochre Dog Family



  • Dream Project Ducks
  • Puddleford Duck Family
  • Waddlington Duck Family
  • Webster Duck Family



  • Trunk Elephant Family



  • Renard Fox Family
  • Slydale Honey Fox Family
  • Slydale Fox Family



  • Bullrush Frog Family
  • Yellow Frog


Hamsters & Guinea Pigs




Horses & Ponies

  • Blacksocks Pony
  • Bramble Pony
  • Brambles Grey Pony
  • Holly Red Pony
  • Ivy Brown Pony
  • Nutmeg Dark Brown Pony
  • Strawberry the Colt
  • Willow Cream Pony



  • Hopper Kangaroo Family (Euro Version)
  • Springer Kangaroo Family (UK Version)



  • Grande Lion Family


  • Spotter Meerkat Family



  • Fielding Field Mouse Family
  • Hawthorn Mouse Family
  • Hazelnut Dormouse Family
  • Hazelwood Mouse Family
  • Maces Mouse Family
  • Marshmallow Mouse Family
  • Meadows Mouse Family
  • Milky Mouse Family (CC)
  • Norwood Mouse Family
  • Thistlethorn Mouse Family


Moles and Voles







  • Plume White Owl Family
  • Treefellow Owl Family



  • Bamboo Panda Family
  • Redwood/Robinson Red Panda Family
  • Wilder Panda Family (CC)



  • De Burgh Penguin Family





  • Babblebrook Rabbit Family
  • Blackberry Rabbit Family
  • Brighteyes Rabbit Family
  • Butterglove Rabbit Family
  • Cinnamon Rabbit Family
  • Columbus Sea Breeze Rabbit Family
  • Chocolate Rabbit Family
  • Corntop Rabbit Family (US Hoppinset)
  • Cotton Rabbit Family
  • Cottontail Rabbit Family
  • Dandelion Ivory Rabbit Family
  • Dappledawn Rabbit Family
  • Fukuoka Garden Rabbit Family
  • Hopkins Rabbit Family
  • Lavender Rabbit Family
  • Nightingale & Bunny Rabbit Family
  • Periwinkle Buttermilk Rabbit Family
  • Pink Cotton/Cottontail Rabbit Family
  • Sea Breeze Rabbit Family (JP)
  • Snow-Warren Rabbit Family
  • Sparkle Pink Cotton Rabbit Family
  • Wildflower Rabbit Family
  • Wildwood Rabbit Family




Sheep and Goats





Carry Case Babies


Easy Buy Series

  • Gray Rabbit Family
  • Bear Family
  • Mc Farlanes' New Arrival
  • Caramel Cat Family
  • Devons' New Arrival
  • Sheep Family
  • Dingles' New Arrival
  • Mouse Family
  • Brown Dog Family
  • Ochre Rabbit Family
  • Gray Cat Family
  • Deer Family
  • Pig Family
  • Maple Dog Family


Wedding Sets

Special Figures

  • White Beagle Family (Factory Error)
  • Brown Mouse Family (Factory Error)
  • Mishu Squirrel Family (Factory Error)
  • 30cm Freya Chocolate
  • Sylvanian Plushies
  • Carry Case Baby Series

Customized Sylvanians

Non-Sylvanian flocked critters

  • FF Fontenot Crocodile Family
  • FF Durand Rhinoceros Family
  • FF Hippo Family