My Buildings and sets


This is a list of all of my current buildings, vehicles and sets.


Shops & Restaurants

Hamburger Restaurant
Toy Shop
Watermill Bakery
Hamburger Restaurant (EB)
Madeline's Boutique
Sweets Store
Seafood Restaurant
Country Market

Stalls & Carts

Hamburger Wagon
Popcorn Cart
Pizza Parlour
Ice Cream Van
Juice Bar
Candy Cart
Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop
Delightful Donut Shop
Sweets Cart
Ice Cream Cart
Dessert Counter Set
Village Gift Shop
Dress Shop (Country Boutique)
Village Shoe Shop
Toymakers set
Street Market Pancake stall & toy cart


School & School Sets

St John's School
School Music Lesson (Instruments)
School Sport Day
Forest Tree School
Sylvanian Games Swimming Set
School Toilet
School Lunch Set
School Play Set


Nursery & Nursery Sets

Forest Nursery
Double Decker Nursery Bus
Nursery Picnic Set
Nursery Play Set


Hospital & Medical Sets

Cottage Hospital
Nurse & Bed
Country Doctor (Hospital)
Dentist Set
Nurse & Wheelchair (CC)
Doctor & Bike
Country Dentist Set
Paramedic & Patient
Pharmacy Set
Country Nurse Set



Vintage Wedding Car (White)
Nursery School Bus
Hamburger Wagon
Bluebell Cruiser (Family seven seater)
Nursery Double Decker Bus
Fish and Chip Van
Green Car
Farmer's Cart & Pony
Red Family Car (Easy Buy)
Motorcycle with Sidecar
Ice Cream Van


Beechwood Hall - Gift Set
Cozy Cottage Starter Home
Riverside Lodge
Cedar Terrace
Beginners House Set (Easy Buy)
Log Cabin
Applewood Cottage

Other Accommodation

Canal Boat (customized)
Gypsy Caravan with Bramble Pony
Campervan (Mint)


Furniture Sets

Deluxe Living Room Set
Party Set
Kitchen Cabinet
Master Bedroom Set
Washing Machine (Top Loader)
Kitchen Cooking Set (Pots)
Dining Room Set
Washing Machine (Front Loader)
Kitchen Cookware Set
Hotel Dining Room Set
Cleaning Set
Scrumtious Sandwiches Set
Garden Set
Breakfast Set
Family Barbeque Set
Cupboard with Microwave Oven Set
Vegetable Garden Set
Roof Rack with Picnic Set
Home Interiors Set
Christmas Party Set
Fountain & Garden Bench
Ornate Garden Table Set
Garden Party Set
Classic Telephone
Girl's Dressing Table (Brown)

Seaside Sets

Secret Island Play House

Holiday/Occasion Sets


Playsets with Figures

Ingrid's Camping Set
Garden Barbeque Set
Chocolate Rabbit Father with Settee
Yvette's rowboat set
Periwinkle brother & bike set
Chocolate Rabbit Mother with Fridge
Bikes & Picnic Set
Hazel & Rihanna's Day out
Chocolate Rabbit Brother with Washroom
Birthday Party
Katie & Mazie go shopping
Chocolate Rabbit Sister with Desk
Baby Bath Time (Osborne bears)
Polly & Dolly Winter Sport Set
Chocolate Rabbit Baby with Bed
Bathtime for Baby
Waitress Set
Chocolate Rabbit Twins with Pram
The New Arrival
Housekeeping Set
Beekeeper & Beehive
Cycling with Mother
Butler Set
Farm Vegetable Patch
Day at the Seaside
Hotel Ballroom Set
Supermarket Owners
Bridesmaid Set
Captain Seadog Set
Angeles Bed time Set
Ice Cream Van Driver & Seller Set
Sewing with mother set
Ballet Lesson Set


Easy Buy Sets

Country Living Room Set with rabbit
Bed Set for Adult
Dressing Table
Bear sister with TV
Bath & Toilet Set
Telephone & Table
Dig sister with Sofa
TV Set
Bread Set
Table & Chair Set
Kitchen Set
Tableware Set
Oven Set
Fridge & Accessories